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We Are Forever Warriors

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When we think of those that fight to protect our country, we think of their heroism and courage. Yet, there's a lot you don't see. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 7% of veterans, on average, will experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their lifetimes.

That's why Forever Warriors was founded. We help military members and their families experience positive military experience from meeting with the recruiter through receiving your DD214 once your service is complete. Forever Warriors is here every step of the way.

Forever Warriors — who are we, and what do we do?

Forever Warriors is a private foundation stood up by Step One Automotive Group in 2022. We connect military families with resources in their local communities. This support can range from planning special activities at local schools for military children in the area to working with civilian employers ensuring they're Veteran cultural competent, able and ready to not only hire America's Veterans but retain our prior Military too.Forever Warriors brings local resources to military members past and present.

A future where no veteran goes unseen

Forever Warriors dreams of a day when no veteran is overlooked. We strive to make this dream reality every day through our core principles.


At Forever Warriors, we serve our military community the way they have served us – with honor, integrity, and respect. We take pride in our commitment and hard work on behalf of military members and their families.

Stronger together

At Forever Warriors, we believe we are stronger when we work together. No dream is unreachable when we harness the power of community. We stand united, working to be the bridge the military community needs for sustainment.

Open minds and hearts

We approach our mission with open minds and hearts at Forever Warriors. Remaining inquisitive about others' experiences allows us to better serve the military community.

Being the change

If you asked us what made Forever Warriors different, we would tell you this: All individuals collaborating with us make an effort to alleviate discomfort wherever possible by going above and beyond what is expected.

Forever Warriors doesn't stop at empathy. We walk through life with military members as we work with them, forming meaningful connections and providing a sense of support.

Caring for yourself and others during change

The mission at Forever Warriors takes a three-pronged approach. This includes a commitment to mental health, transition & sustainment, and community immersion.

These three tenets allow military members to get the care they need and find a sense of belonging in their lives at home.

Mental health

Many military members who come home between deployments or as veterans suffer from PTS, anxiety, or depression.

Additionally, veterans or military members who are genetically predisposed to mental illness are more likely to need the help of a licensed professional when transitioning back to their life at home. For these reasons, we make it our mission to connect military members with the best mental health resources.

Forever Warriors focuses on connecting military members with mental health professionals who work with post-traumatic growth. Developed in the 1990s, post-traumatic growth theory proposes that individuals who heal from trauma gain a deeper appreciation for life and form new relationships.

This outlook doesn't seek to dismiss hardship but focuses on the positive change from surviving hardship.

At Forever Warriors, we believe that continuing to grow after hardship is one of the keys to a sustainable transition.

Transition and sustainment

Forever Warriors is uniquely positioned to help military members form long-lasting relationships in their communities.

We partner with local businesses and educational institutions in your community, providing employment opportunities and continuing education opportunities that make your transition from military to civilian life as easy as possible.

We know that learning new social norms in school or the workplace can be difficult, and our support doesn't end once you've decided what your next step is.

We are proud to provide all of our military members with support regarding day-to-day challenges like making decisions about what to wear, crafting a resume, or going grocery shopping.

No matter how long ago you served, when you served, or where, Forever Warriors is here to support you.

Community immersion

When military members join the service, they are not just serving our country but becoming a part of a bigger community. This community, whether during active duty or transitioning to life after service, is a flagship in our mission. Forever Warriors believes that supporting military members as they completely immerse themselves in their new environment is fundamental to a successful transition.

The process of community immersion can look like supporting military members as they seek out new opportunities for friendship or fun activities. We also connect military members and their families with necessary services in their community that were previously provided by the military. These include finding a primary care doctor and insurance providers.

Military spouses play a vital role in supporting their partners who serve in the armed forces, often facing unique challenges and sacrifices. One of the most significant difficulties they encounter is the frequent relocations that come with military life, which can result in a sense of isolation and disconnection from their community. This is where community engagement becomes crucial for military spouses. By getting involved in local organizations, support groups, and volunteer activities, they can build meaningful relationships with other military families and civilians, find a sense of belonging, and establish a network of support. Forever Warriors is an organization that recognizes the importance of community engagement for military spouses and offers support by connecting them to local events and organizations. Through its platform, Forever Warriors provides a space for military spouses to find resources and information on community-based initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and support groups.

Community immersion isn't always easy, but no military member, family member, or veteran has to do it alone, and it is shown to provide a long-term sense of belonging. Forever Warriors actively supports military members, spouses, children, and veterans as they adjust to their new environments.

Learn more about us today

Forever Warriors sees every service member. So should you. We back unique resources for veterans, service men and women, and their families, supporting them on their journey. We challenge you to educate yourself on the hardships this community may face. Let's honor and support those who have served our country. Follow us today on all of our social platforms to learn more.


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