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A Year of Resilience: Forever Warriors Reflect on 2023 and what’s to come in 2024

Updated: Jun 12

The year began with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to our mission. Forever Warriors embarked on a journey to embrace new beginnings, symbolized by the blooming flowers of spring. Our warriors, like the blossoms, faced challenges with strength, resilience, and the unwavering support of a community that stands united.

Empowering Military Families: Forever Warriors' Educational Initiative

Forever Warriors takes pride in spearheading an initiative that prioritizes the education and preparation of families with future military leaders. This visionary program aims to equip families with the necessary tools and resources before their loved ones embark on military service. Simultaneously, it seeks to cultivate a supportive community that families can lean on during the absence of their service members. 

A pivotal aspect of Forever Warriors' initiatives is a dedicated program designed to assist elementary, middle, and high school students in navigating the distinctive challenges that come with military life. These challenges encompass frequent relocations and the emotional strains of deployment separation. Through this program, Forever Warriors strives to create a nurturing community for military families. This community offers a robust network of assistance and empathy, ensuring that both parents and children can actively seek and provide support during challenging transitions and times of crisis. Forever Warriors remains committed to fostering resilience and solidarity within military families, recognizing the unique sacrifices they make for the greater good.

Community Immersion

Our core principles—empathy filled with compassion, steadfast integrity, enduring unity, and a mutual foundation of humility and respect—serve as the guiding pillars that steer us. We are dedicated to ensuring these values stay at the heart of the lives of those we are honored to serve. Some highlights from the following year include Fall Fest from 27 Oct 2023, where 4,700 People Served. Freedom Fest from 23 June 2023 where there were 2,600 Families & Veterans Supported and the 6th Ranger RTB Open House from 20 May 2023 where 3,000 Families Served. 2023 was a year filled with positivity and integrity.

Championing Mental Health: Forever Warriors' Unwavering Commitment

In acknowledgment of the profound significance of mental health, where 2 in 5 veterans encounter challenges, Forever Warriors passionately dedicates itself to making a substantial impact in the lives of those who have bravely served our nation. Our commitment extends to enhancing the well-being of all military members—past and present—by establishing vital connections with essential resources and facilitating outstanding transition opportunities through strategic partnerships. In doing so, Forever Warriors addresses the prevalent challenges faced by veterans as they reintegrate into civilian life and navigate the complexities of the workforce. Our mission is clear: to stand alongside those who've served, offering support, resources, and a pathway to a fulfilling post-military life. We reflect on our Hurlburt Commando Games from 12 May 2023 where 3,500 Veterans Served, our Military Influencer Conference from 7 Nov 2023 where 1,580 Military Served, and Hurlburt Battle On The Beach from 11 Aug 2023 where 2,700 Active Duty Military Served. 

New Year Same Commitment

Our commitment at Forever Warriors in any new year is to connect service members, veterans, and their families with targeted resources. By forming partnerships within our community and military installations, we work hand in hand with our heroes. Our focus includes enhancing recruitment initiatives, adding significance and worth to events that help in retaining members, and carefully selecting Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) to provide steadfast support for those transitioning from military service.

What’s to come in 2024

As the curtain falls on 2023, Forever Warriors stands poised for a future filled with hope, growth, and a continued commitment to empowering warriors. Together, we rise, and together, we look forward to the journey that awaits in the coming year. In 2024, you can expect to see events revolving around mental health and so much more, like FWB Military Appreciation Day or events for the community, like the Fort Walton Beach Chambers Military Affairs Council’s Airman's Attic Field Trip. We value and express gratitude for your active participation in our purposeful mission and can not wait to see what 2024 to bring. 

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