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Introducing Jennifer Lowry

A selfie shot of Tiffany Orner, Forever Warrior’s Military Engagement Manager, and Jennifer Lowry against a Forever Warriors background.

Jennifer is a trailblazer, small business owner, and military wife and mother who is making the world a better place through her dedication to her family, community, and country, plus her business sense and unparalleled cooking skills. Jennifer owns and manages Conchita’s in Pensacola and caters throughout the greater Pensacola area. She also donates her talent and time to celebrate military families and makes sure those around her are fed. Here’s Jennifer’s story. Let it be an inspiration to us all.

Jennifer’s journey

Jennifer’s journey began with a passion for food. Born and raised in Compton, CA, she has moved frequently as a military spouse and is now based in Florida. She has always had a passion for cooking, from feeding her three kids, husband, and the brother she is guardian to, to building her own catering business after a long career in the medical field.

Where does her inspiration come from? Largely, her children. Jennifer says, "They're the whole reason I started to follow my dreams." She wants to set an example for her kids so they know they can achieve anything in life. Her business, Conchita's, is named for her children’s favorite meal, a Mexican soup with pasta shells. Jennifer is a little surprised that her kids "aren't picky eaters," but given her wide range of cooking skills, it seems natural her children are gourmands in training.

Passion for food, passion for people

Jennifer wants everyone to enjoy food and cooks "a variety of different cuisines" by fusing different cultural traditions. She says she always tries her best to be different and stand out, learning cooking styles from here, there, and everywhere.

From Greek food to Mexican, Filipino, and Thai, Jennifer can turn her hand to anything. She even bakes cakes and custards, so you can get a full three-course meal catered by Conchita’s if you’re in the Pensacola area.

In fact, Jennifer is so committed to learning new recipes and making sure every customer is a Conchita's fanatic that she recreates beloved family recipes or favorites from far-flung home countries. If you miss your grandmother’s pierogies, your auntie’s paella, or a curry you loved on a trip abroad, Jennifer will go above and beyond to recreate the magic.

Now, that’s real passion.

Jennifer is passionate about people too, and it shows in her 12 years in the medical field, her commitment to her family, and her role in the community as a military spouse. When it comes to catering, Jennifer says, "I love to serve beautiful, delicious food to people," adding that it makes her happy "to see positive reactions." Jennifer is proud of her food and proud that her food makes people happy. She believes stories can be shared through food that can't be communicated in any other way, and she enjoys facilitating that.

What a great way to run a business!

Women as business owners

It is absolutely crucial that we rally behind and uplift female business owners with unwavering passion and dedication. Jennifer noticed, over the years, that she was passed over for opportunities she worked hard for. This is one of the main reasons she became her own boss. Yes, she’s passionate about what she does, but she also hopes to build something better than what she experienced in the past.

Looking to the future, Jennifer promises, “The day I hire my own employees, they will be generously paid, respected, and recognized.” And that’s not where Jennifer’s vision ends. She also hopes to tackle food waste through her eclectic cooking style, designing fusion recipes to use what’s abundant or in season.

Facing challenges head-on

As a military spouse, Jennifer faces more challenges than most. A relatively new resident of Pensacola, she has had to prove herself as a member of the community and as a caterer. This goes hand-in-hand with settling her family in, and launching her new career.

Of course, Jennifer is human. She sometimes doubts herself but knows she’s doing something special. It’s just a matter of gaining trust, she says, and building her business profile. Jennifer hopes to find an investor, so if you’re looking to become part of a fast-growing, innovative food and beverage business, get in touch. But whether or not that happens, she’s determined to succeed. There are always challenges, and military families know that better than anyone. But they can be overcome.

Military life and running a small business

Jennifer’s husband is an instructor at NAS Pensacola. He teaches meteorological maintenance for air traffic, and Jennifer says, “He truly cares for his students, and I'm very proud of him.” She's aware that his deployments and responsibilities have made their family great communicators and planners — key skills for a small business owner.

During her first year of business, many of Jennifer’s highlights have been nonprofit organizations, both within and beyond the military community. A standout was Struder Family House at Sacred Heart Hospital, where Conchita’s prepared and delivered children’s lunchboxes.

Military life is complicated, but it also offers a beautiful community, a host of opportunities and the ability to build skills together. Jennifer believes that military spouses and veterans are in a particularly strong position to build businesses that serve their customers and community and are run with passion. Chances are, there are milspouse or vet businesses right down the street from you. Show them your support today!

A year in business: here’s to many more!

Jennifer’s first year in business has been fantastic. From charity fundraisers to dinner parties and events catering, Conchita’s has made so many gatherings special through food. Jennifer hopes the business will grow, make her family proud, show her kids that realizing dreams is possible, and demonstrate to the world that military spouses are an asset anywhere.

Why not try Conchita's if you’re close to the Northwest Florida area? Though she’s located in Pensacola, Jennifer is willing to travel. Along with catering, Conchita’s offers cooking demos, classes, buffets, grazes, sushi displays, event hors d'oeuvres and more. If it’s food, Jennifer has it covered! Check out her website.

And if you want to know more about the events Conchita’s has catered or just offer support from afar, you can also follow Jennifer’s Instagram, @conchitas_llc, or her Facebook, Conchitas_llc. One day Conchita’s will go nationwide so you can try Jennifer’s delicious creations for yourself.


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