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Building Bridges of Support: The Bautista Project Inc.

The Bautista Project's logo and their sub-logo for Vetpoint 100 in front of an American flag

Forever Warriors is proud to showcase Ulisses Bautista and the Bautista Project Inc. Ulisses is an active-duty service member in the U.S. Army and the Chief Operating Officer of this amazing organization that supports military, families, veterans, and active-duty service members. Today, we want to dive into the heart of the mission and introduce you to initiatives that hold a special place in Ulisses’ heart: VetPoint 100 Belonging Boxes and Belonging Blankets. Join us as we explore the origins of the Bautista Project, the values that fuel their actions, and the profound impact these boxes have on homeless veterans.

Origins and mission

Let’s rewind a bit. In 2016, Ulisses’ amazing spouse, Marla Bautista, founded the Bautista Project Inc. With a deep-rooted commitment to creating a positive social impact within homeless communities, the mission became clear: to do our part in making the world a better place for all. But it wasn’t until Ulisses delved deeper into his own journey as serving in the Army that he truly understood the purpose behind TBP’s dedication. “Serving others while protecting and defending our way of life opened my eyes to the struggles faced by my brothers and sisters in arms, especially when it came to homelessness,” Ulisses states.

Witnessing their challenges firsthand, Ulisses felt an unwavering drive to provide assistance and support, vowing to never leave them behind in their times of need. This is why VetPoint 100 Belonging Boxes were started and why the mission resonates strongly with him.

VetPoint 100 Belonging Boxes

The VetPoint 100 Belonging Boxes are a way everyone can all contribute to America's Veterans. This initiative is all about addressing the immediate needs of unhoused veterans and fostering a sense of belonging and support. These boxes are carefully curated with items that aim to make their day-to-day lives a little easier, while also reminding them that their service to our nation is valued and appreciated.

Basic Living Essentials

TBP understands the hardships faced by unhoused veterans, which is why they prioritize providing them with basic living essentials. Inside each VetPoint box, you'll find personal hygiene products like bar soap, face towels, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick, combs, and razors. These seemingly small items can make a world of difference in their lives, offering a moment of relief and dignity.

Veteran Journals

One of the things Ulisses is most proud of is their partnership with Developing with Devan by Devan Robinson. Ulisses states, “Together, we've created unique veteran journals exclusively for unhoused veterans.” These journals serve as a therapeutic outlet, giving veterans a space to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. They provide purpose and self-reflection, becoming a source of healing and strength during challenging times.

Unique Veteran Trinkets

Every veteran has a unique story and a profound sense of pride in their service. That's why each VetPoint box contains small trinkets like challenge coins, flags, lapel pins, or other meaningful items associated with military service. These items act as reminders of their valor and sacrifice, serving as tangible symbols of recognition and connection.

Belonging Blankets

The Belonging Blanket symbolizes hope, love, and a sense of belonging, offering warmth and security to deserving children and encouraging them to dream and aspire to greatness. These blankets are crafted from authentic military uniforms, once worn by dedicated service members. With this initiative, The bautista Project hopes to not only help a child feel more comfortable living in foster care, group homes, or other living arrangements outside of their natural homes, but also give them a sense of hope and ownership.

Impact and significance

The impact of VetPoint 100 Belonging Boxes goes far beyond the material possessions within them. These boxes create a sense of home and belonging for unhoused veterans who have faced the realities of war and now find themselves grappling with homelessness. By receiving a VetPoint box, they experience recognition, respect, and unwavering support. It's a powerful reminder that they are valued members of our community, reigniting their self-esteem and faith in humanity.

The significance of the Belonging Blanket program lies in its ability to provide much more than physical warmth and comfort. These blankets, made from authentic military uniforms, carry a profound symbolism that resonates with both the children receiving them and the service members who once wore those uniforms. By wrapping themselves in these blankets, children in foster care and group homes are embraced by a tangible reminder of sacrifice, bravery, and the unwavering dedication of those who served their country.

Continuing to make a brighter future

The Bautista Project Inc. is on a mission to create a positive social impact, and both the VetPoint 100 and the Belonging Blanket program stand as a powerful testament to that mission. Forever Warriors is proud to have this organization as a partner and have it stand as a reminder of our pillars of success through compassionate empathy, unyielding integrity, unwavering unity, and shared humility and respect.If you would like to learn more about The Bautista Project, check out their website here. Want to see them in action? Follow them on Facebook or Instagram!


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